October 19th, 2005


I No Longer Help Noobies

As I said ingame (I no longer will be referring to SL as a world - its a fucking GAME)

I will no longer be wasting my precious time, effort and money helping Noobies. Some might think I am cutting off my nose to spite my face but listen the fuck up and get schooled.

1. The NCI HQ will continue to be rented out by me, as thanks to generous donations the rent is paid up for the next 45 days.
When that time is up, Carl Metropolitan will be taking over paying for it. Any donations towards rent need to be made to him and not to me. There is no longer an NCI Donation box at the HQ.

2. I will not be hosting any more events at the NCI HQ or sponsored by the NCI including Show & Tells, Noobie Salsa and New Designer Fashion Shows. If you want to do events for Noobies at the NCI HQ you need to contact Jamie Otis and get on his Friends list so that you can post events to that patch of land. I'm done doing that shit.

3. The NCI Group will remain as it is. The Helpers excluding myself can continue on as they have been, helping Noobies if they so wish and desire as well as recruiting for the group. I no longer will be answering questions over the channel, or doing any of that stuff.

4. The Helping HAND will remain as it is, if I get new listings I will of course update it. I will no longer be able to advertize for it once the forums get changed, and I won't be bothering to do so now. If you want a HAND kiosk pull up the NCI group and ask any of the officers. They should have one to give you. Don't bother me any more about them. If you want a current issue of the HAND, get it from the NCI HQ Kiosk or any of the 80 Kiosks scattered around SL. Dont ask me about it.

5. I will not be helping Noobies. I will not be doing all the things I did previously. I am stepping out of that game and doing the things that I want to do, that bring me happiness and not frustration, anger and tears.

Yes LL you WON! I hope you are happy.

I have said in many previous postings, that I will no longer work for LL for free. The helping the Noobies thing brought me Joy and Happiness, and it was something I wanted to do. But this new climate in SL as been fucking with me for the longest - yes for over a year know and I can't take it anymore.

So my help the new citizen days are over.

Do not forward noobies to me like before. There are tons of Helpers - all the Officers in the NCI Group who are perfectly capable of helping. I'm done.

I will no longer bust my ass to fill in the gaps that LL has decided to leave open. I will no longer work for them for free to make this SL a better place. Fuck that. Fuck LL and Fuck you if you don't understand.

I will take on projects and do activities and go to and hold events that I feel have merit, are fun and things that I want to do, experience and be a part of. And yes, I'm still looking for another online place to live, and if I find it I'll for sure let yall know.

Stop Working for LL For Free or the Chump Change They Toss at Ya

Here's something from the announcement section of the forums.

"Houses wanted for Linden project
Hello Builders:
Linden Lab is working on a neighborhood project which will require the work of some very skilled Resident builders. If you might be interested, please read on...
We are seeking 3 "1950's-style suburban community" housing designs that complement each other, and we wish to find 3 different residents to build each house.
If you'd like to participate, please submit a house that you think will fit the description (see details below). If we decide to use it, we will contact you and pay you L$5000 for your work. Please include a short name for the house, the creator(s), and any instructions we may need.
Here are the details:

-1950's-style suburban community house design
-Houses should not include furniture, mail boxes, lawn furniture, trees, etc.


-About 50 prims for the house, including walls, roof, doors, foundation, floors, etc.
-Houses should be one story, though there may be an attic, loft, dormer windows, turrets, etc.
-The houses should have only two or three rooms each.
-Important rooms should be at least 10m2, for good avatar point-of-view/camera sight. (If the room is smaller, the "non-mouselook" view will place your vision outside of the room.)
-The actual "footprint" or foundation (not including front steps, chimneys, bay windows, etc) will be 14 meters wide and 14 meters deep. Houses don't have to be rectangular, but would be about 2100 square feet if they were.
-Contextual note: Each Homeowner Parcel will be 20 meters wide along the front edge, and 24 meters deep (plus a small extension in the back to make up the 512 square meters). The long sides may border a cross street, another Homeowner Parcel, or open (Linden-owned) space. House fronts will be placed 6 meters from the parcel front edge and sides will be placed 3 meters from the parcel edge.


-Deadline: Monday, October 24th at 5 PM PST.
-Linden Lab may modify color, size, etc. to ensure a good fit
-Offer inventory to Lauren Linden in Second Life to be considered.
-Homes will be transferable and modifiable, but not copy-able (except by Linden Lab for initial distribution)."

I have never bought or sold Lbucks so I have no idea what 5KL translates into RL money. They want noobies and everybody else to fork over their RL bucks on order to carve out a life up in here, yet they continue to ask for your hard work and talent and pay you in Lindens.

I'm going to take wild guess and figure that 5K comes out to less than 10 US American Dollah. So go ahead. Spend your time, effort and talent making yet another kick ass thing to make SL look good for LL: for some peasly ass chump change.

And did you ever stop to think why they are even asking you the residents to build shit for them in the first place? They have paid employees, several of whom who are past residents who are pretty proficient builders they damn selves. And they are raking in a salary to boot. You aren't. YOU ARE PAYING TO PLAY SL aiight? So why the fuck should you chip ya nails to build shit for them, for some peanuts when they can jolly well do it they damn selves.

Also, Hamlet Linden is taking a haitus from keeping up with making entries in his "blog" called New World Notes in order to start, complete or whatever a book based on his writings about SL. He is asking for resident replacements. But guess what? More chump change for your efforts for doing exactly what he's been doing and getting paid RL dollah for.

Think I'm just a bitter complaining bitch? Check out what Tony Walsh of Clickable Culture says in his article called Play Money For Second Life Blog Stringers


If you are still starry eyed and think things are the same as they were back in them good ole beta days than you are sorely mistaken. This isnt some tiny little-company-that-could, that NEEDS the resources of its (then not paying a red cent to play SL GAME) in order to build itself.

This is a real live working and profit making company that is already making a killing off of people like you and me - say I'm the average player - who fork over on average $372.00 RL US American Dollah every year to LL. Multiply that by thousands and then add in about 10-50 folks who are paying through the NOSE ie well over $2-5K Real US Dollahs/year. There is a huge income going on on those people paying $10/account for basic - those that make an account find SL to suck and leave, but ooops oh well they already paid they money.

The front page of the site says we got over 50K members. I'd say more than half of those resemble the example I just stated, and more and more do that each and every day. There is a gold mine being generated into LL's coffers just on sim buying alone, and as you well know they kicked the prices up on that just recently. And what ever happened to that 8 Million Dollars?

So they got the cash they got the means to treat you like a working, talented, contributing human being but they refuse to. They instead ask for your work, for your skills and hope that you are still dreaming asleep and will accept their pocket change for your work.

Mind you, they HAVE busted out the RL cash and contracts, but they sure as fuck didn't post it up for everyone to submit did they? Instead they handed those lucrative opportunities to a select few, leaving you to squabble over table scraps with the other sleepwalkers.


Refuse to to be used. Refuse to bought so cheaply. Demand the respect that you deserve, and demand that you get paid like you are supposed to, or don't fucking volunteer for their "OH Linden Lab needs your talent" bullshit flattery.

Why the fuck should they pay you like they should, when they can get you so cheaply? It makes good business sense to keep fleecing the clueless, and throwing a bone now and then to they pet players. But guess what? The second everyone WAKES UP and stops submitting themselves for those chump change projects, the second LL is going to be forced to treat you with respect and start coming correct.

So you open your eyes. Smell the fucking Java and start BOYCOTTING these insulting "projects" and "offers". Trust me I have been on the front lines of shit like this in RL - and it works. However if you don't give a damn, or you want to continue your blissfull sleep - you go on right ahead.