September 12th, 2005


What I Been Doing

Not too much of late, but really since being so inspired by Burning Life, I've actually been doing a lot more building. I even have a new car coming out soon at BC Motors. A cute sporty SUV type thing. I've hired Osgeld to do some kick ass textures for me too. He is really talented!

Don't I look so happy gettin mah build on?
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I have been feeling pretty lousy of late however. Things in RL are messin with me pretty badly, and I'm NOT to happy about some stuff goin on with our government and around the world too. So I pretty much put everything I was feeling into a sculpture. It came out amazingly well I think. This will be my third sculpture if you want to count the "Tweety Does SL" build I won 2nd prize at a Montmartre toon build contest. I have yet to sell a single sculpture including my Buddha. But Oh well. And naturally the tweety one ain't ever goin up for sale.

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Even though Richard pissed me off (as usual!) I did tell him that my next sculpture wouldn't be so "dark". And it wasn't! Something I've been dying to do ever since I was a noobie. To create a dancer or dancers. I remember seeing a picture of dancers done by Starax...and thinking WOW I wish....really they were done so perfect. The body lines and everything. Usually people, no matter how talented, tend to mess up body position and limb arrangement when it comes to sculpting dancers. Starax however was right on the money.

I didn't intend to do anything as kick ass as all that, but I wanted to see if I could get the body position etc right myself. I think I did a pretty good job! I "borrowed" a tutu I'd made a while back to put the finishing touches on it.

The Dancer
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I managed to do a little bit of shopping ~ I had been DYING to get the Big Ass Camera that I saw on Snapz a few times, and finally seeing Trep with one at Noobie S&T was the last straw. So I made her take me to Nylon's store to get me one! It is so fuckin AWESOME!!!! At first when I saw it on Snapz I was thinking it was simply a play on the word Nikon ~ you know keepin it kewl and non rippin off. But I finally put it together that Nylon was also the CREATOR and that was fantastic too so I yeah I got one :D

The Big Ass Camera
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While we were there, the sunglasses vendor caught my eye and while I was browsing through tryin to decide on what pair to get, Trep pointed out the bugeye ones and yah so they looked WAY COOL I got those too! Most people who see me in them are like horrified, dunno why - but that reaction only makes me wanna keep wearing them.....each...and every...DAY!! Muhahaha!!

The Coolest Shades!
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Saturday Nite Salsa was a BLAST and a tremendous success too ~ The new hours seem to have caught on just fine. I even got convinced to make a group for Club Hedon, tho really that club isn't run like most of the other spots in SL. But a lot of people wanted it so what the hey. Its open join too - I mean I didn't want to make totally hard to join or anything. People seem to be used to wearing or getting a Club Title to places that they like to hang. I guess since I don't go out much, I hadn't realized that that is the expected thing. Now I'm all cool and legit in that department!

Saturday nite made up for Thursday's Noobie Salsa Night - the debut event of its kind - it will happen every week until I get tired of it I guess LOL. There wasn't a lot of Noobies who showed up for this, but my tried and true pals were all there so it was tons of fun all the same. And I got to DIP Ariel in her HAWT new gown murrrssss. Can't get any bettern that!

Dipping my One!
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