August 14th, 2005


Expanded NCI HQ!

My dear 5 readers ~ I know you'll be excited as I am with this wonderful news:

The New Citizens Inc. Headquarters has been expanded!

There is now TONS more room (and prims!) for the sandbox/tutorial area ~ and dare I say it EVENTS too!

The freebies and one dollar items are set up in a much better location, with better access and visibility. Same goes for the information posters and the Welcome Pack as well.

You can't miss the Helping HAND Kiosk either OR the donation box. I'm absolutely THRILLED!

Here's how it all went down.

Polymer Llewelyn had owned a nice 512m between the NCI HQ and the Starfleet building. And since he wasn't really around in SL much at all, he set his land for sale. One of the fantastic New Citizens Carl Metropolitan alerted me to the fact that land was up on the market.

I let Jamie Otis know, so he could snag it and I could tack it onto my NCI land rental. Well you know Teh Jamie has his new sim goin on in the mix, so Carl started to get antsy and didn't want us to miss out on getting the land for NCI.

Turns out someone bought it and then set it immediately for sale for a slightly higher amount. I let Jamie know all this was going on, and I didn't want Carl to hafta buy it, even tho I'd help pony up most of the cost. I figured we were destined for that land, and I was willing to let the Fates decide.

Anyhow Carl ended up buying it and setting it for the same price to Jamie - who finally surfaced and set us up NICELY!!!!

He even went so far as to donate the land to the NCI by way of not increasing our rent for the added meterage and primage. He's also gonna add on an extra little strip of land next door once he's done juggling his tierage. KEWL DUDE!!

I was absolutely flipped out ECSTATIC about how everything turned out ~ and I just had to dance around!

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I also got to meet Polymer who dropped in and not only gave me the COOLEST textures (I wanted to make an av based around this neato harlequinesque suit he was wearing) but he plunked down 10K in the donation box and we are now set up in rent for a good couple months - not to mention prize bankola for events. THANK YOU Polymer!!

I finally got to make the event seating the way I'd always wanted to, but just didn't have the extra prims. Now its so SWEET! I also expanded the photo booth to fit 6 avs total instead of just the two. I also added a click changing backdrop! (There's 11 cool scenes to choose from)

New Citizen Aevar Khur is in the process of trying to figure out how to mod that script so the pics go in order and not random. I really HATE that default feature, and the rest of us who are clueless about scripting have no idea how to change it. I bet its so easy. OH well.

While Aevar was messin around trying a few things with the scripts we goofed around with some of the backdrops :D


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Well OK I goofed around more than he did rofl ~ But I'm like soooooooo happy and excited!!


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Happy Trails

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Why a photo booth at the NCI you might ask? Well I think its important for several reasons.
1. its FUN!
2. Noobies should ALWAYS have a pic of they first avatar & I also help them make a pic for their profiles too.
3. You can teach about how to use the pie menu on right clicking things - like the pose balls, and also teach about taking snapshots in SL & all the options available for that. (save to disk, upload it, send to snapzilla etc)
4. OMG its FUN!
5. Taking snapshots is also about learning how to use the camera (zoom, angles, lighting etc) . A handy lesson while having FUN! :)

The MOST thrilling thing about having soooo much space now at the NCI HQ is I'm gonna start hosting the Noobie Salsa events again - at the NCI!! For some reason it didn't feel "right" at Club Hedon, even tho we had TONS of fun and made lots of new friends. I just can't wait!!

See yall on Tuesday for the FIRST Noobie Show & Tell with the new setup WOOT!
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