August 11th, 2005


Starter Avatars

Well, I usually don't reply directly to comments made on my blog, cuz as I've mentioned before this is not a dialogue its a monologue roflmaoo!

Anyhow someone asked about how to create avatars, and since they didn't leave any sorta name I can contact them with, I'll have to hope they'll glance this way again and get some information.

Well actually I'm not gonna do a blow by blow of av creation here, but simply urge them to leave me an IM inworld, and I'll give a one-on-one tutorial.

I DID end up finding the pictures of my very first avatar created after my own (Hiroko), as well as the pictures of the line of what I call Starter Avatars that grew from that. The idea is if you are a new person, you can snag one or all of these avs and mix and match, modify, skin, hair, dress and basically tweak these fully modifiable avatars to make them your own.

Before I get to the piccys - well hell you can just ignore this next stuff and scroll down if yer THAT impatient - but I wanted to get something off my chest. I'm not saying I'm the best avatar creator in SL. But I think I fill a niche that I believe is very important. You might take a look at the avs below and pfft! I can do that! Well maybe you can, but that isn't the point.

The point is, for those new residents who haven't got a handle on all the magic that the sliders can create in appearance mode, to look pretty cool while they go about learning and living in their initial explorations in second life.

I spend a long time working those sliders to create faces and well, basically PEOPLE that look average, normal and well ok a lil bit hottie as well. You might look at the avs and think because they DO look so average, that they were created quite easily. Not so! The work that I have done on these is subtle and pretty damn artistic if you ask me.

Besides if you have issues, you really can't knock the price tag. I sell these avatars for 1L at the New Citizens Inc. HQ in Kuula sim. They each come with a set of clothes and every single item from the clothes, hair, eyes, skin and body shape is fully modifyable. The idea isn't to keep the avatar looking like it is fresh from the box, although thats perfectly fine too. These avatars are just a jumping off point, a place to start. Hence the name: Starter Avatars.

Ok I'll hop off my soapbox now and you can check da pix.

Hiroko Avatar
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Lauren Avatar
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Ricardo Avatar
Image hosted by

I created the Ricardo Avatar for my buddy Richard Solvang - this is what the above avatar looks like now, a year later, having been tweaked and modded by Rich :) Cool eh?
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Stacey Avatar
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Vardella Avatar
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Wesley Avatar
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Chad Avatar
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