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Let Me Be Clear

In regards to my previous post:

1. It was twofold. The first part spoke about the meeting with Ebbe and the Help/Edu Orgs.

2. The second part was in response to the audio of THAT developers meeting where Ebbe confirmed Second Life 2.

The section I was responding to was when they were discussing mentors, helpers and voice testing in the Linden Lab new user spaces.

I heard him say that due to testing results - which he said showed not a significant enough difference between in user experience with voice on or off - they would be keeping voice on in those areas.

Around the 1:05:00 (you can listen to it for yourself) mark is where I thought I heard him say they were keeping voice on. I've since listened to it over and over again since being alerted that I heard wrong, and it now sounds like he said they are trying it now with it off. I was able to finally identify the place where I got tripped up.

So I'll go ahead and say: My bad. Looks like you are making the correct choice after all.

Sometimes text is best. If Ebbe had for example typed into local chat the following sentence: Even though testing found no real significant difference between having voice on vs when it was off, we're going to go ahead and turn off voice at our welcome, help and new user areas .....

No confusion there!
P.S, Shoutout to those in that dev meeting giving Ebbe more living breathing examples of how Newbie Help and Education provides for Second Life residents who stick and become part of the community. He'd gotten an earful from us on the subject the day before; it was nice to see confirmation from a different source on what we were trying to get across to him and Linden Lab as a whole. Thank you!