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History Repeating

Maybe yall wondering why the heck I wrote the previous entry.

I mean no duh right?



Lemme give you a little history lesson:

Waaaay back in 2004/2005 when I as a fledgling noob designer, I would be doing fashion shows for my stuff and other's stuff left and right. Cuz see I also had my very own Models Group ya dig?

(I give a shout out to the BC Models Inc HOTTIES!!)

There was only one lil prollem. It was like pulling TEETH to get folk to actually BUY anything at and/or after these shows.

I figured hmmm ok my stuff IS a lil wierd and funky.... but then I networked with other designers and was finding out the same thing.

People were treating fashion shows like some sort of entertainment.

Like a broadway show or somethin I dunno. Show up. Cheer. Have a good time. Go Home.


Then along comes the dynamic duo of Sensual Casanova and Asri Falcone. They said fook all that, and threw this HUGE Fashion Week.

I got to model for a couple of the designers during that week, and daaaang it was so AWESOME!

Asri and Sensual pretty much beat it into the audience members that the whole reason they were THERE: was to see the fashions, get excited, then RUN as FAST as they could to the stores and SHOP SHOP till they DROPPED.

The folks GOT THE MESSAGE and the face of fashion/fashion shows in SL was changed forever.

Now.. well sad to say, we are slip sliding back to 2004, with peeps showing up to be seen or something and then going home.

I have an idea. Why don't you just STAY AT HOME and don't bother to show up at any fashion shows if you aren't primed and ready to BUY.

I can understand if a particular designers stuff ain't yer cuppa tea, but geez you CAN do some dang RESEARCH before hand and check they blog, visit they store etc and find out if their stuff is gonna float ya boat.

If not: then don't show up. If yes: Then gather yer dukets, show up to see what's new and then fly on over to the store and SHOP.


I'll repeat what I wrote before:
Like RL designers, SL designers put on a show to generate sales. To make money. Its a retail event. They are showcasing their latest goodies so you can see them on moving avatars, and get a feel for them, so you can GO GETTEM

Dunno bout yall, but I watch TV shows like Make Me a Super Model and Top Designer. (or whatever they called, but you know what I'm talkin about.)

Just this last week, the super models where at New York Fashion Week and guess what one of the designers said? And I quote:

I have about 4 million dollars riding on this show. Remember this is not about YOU, its about the CLOTHES, and showing them to the best of your ability.

I about jumped out my chair and CHEERED, darlins I'm tellin ya.


Cuz in one fell stroke he hit the nail on the head:
1. Fashion shows are about making money
2. On a reality show about making a super model ~ they got TOLD by a designer, that it was NOT about them - that it was about the CLOTHES.

And here people thought I was being some sorta wierd bitch when I trained my models using those exact words. And that was back in the day when it wasn't so dang HARD to do biz in SL.


I'm digressing yet again.

But you see what I'm sayin right?

I have NO clue why fashionistas, fashion bloggers, and who all else are so damn SHY or AGAINST people promoting themselves, their business and whatsnot.

Yet a lot of them know full well that when they blog something or some designer, or spread the word about same, that they are helping support that person, and generate sales for them.

So someone tell me why the heck we're repeating history in this sad sad way?
I'm confuzled and bamboozled and I wish to heck someone would tell me WTF so mebbe we can FIX the sich and heck pump up the SL economy while we're at it.

And I got some WORDS for those out there who are (trying) to be kick ass fashion agencies and run shows for designers and whatsnot and charge bookoo bux while they at it:
-Get ya shiznit together
-Get ya ducks ina dang ROW already
-Train ya dang models
-Listen to the designer when s/he tells you how s/he tells you how they want their designs shown

For the kinda cash some yall charging (and dang back in MY day nobody charged geez), you should have things better organized, and your models on point and up to par.

If you dunno WTF, or need help or whatever: contact me and I'll charge bookoo bux to get yer peeps trained up on how to run an agency the RIGHT way.

I guess its a new day in SL. Might as well cash in on it.

Anyhoo, done ranting.

Go to a fashion show with the intent to SHOP.
BUY something.
Or just stay home. Leave room for the avies that know what the dealyo is.

Thank you.
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