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It's A Wonderful SLife

Very rarely do we get to stand at history's threshold.

Experience the crux of events to come; To have Been There When.

Those of us working, living and experiencing in virtual worlds and cyber spaces at this moment in time will get to look back three years from now and five years from now and say:
Yep that is when it happened.

This is where we fasten our seat belts and hang on for the ride to the future, or hop off and watch everything go whizzing past us. This is a time to shake out the cobwebs, fix the flat tires, tune up those engines, gather your core team and make sure you have plans in place for moving forward, if you haven't already.

This is when we do our utmost to not repeat mistakes of the past, to see the value of people and organizations and opportunities when presented to us, to build lines of communication, bridges of support, teams of people that have the knowledge, skills and talents that you need for not only your projects, but to insure that you will be a part of those who will be making it to the future.

So many have already fallen along the wayside, so many are in danger of doing so now. Why not take advantage of the depths of talent being offered when all is needed is the simple extension of the hand to meet the one already outstretched to you?

The allocation of resources is minimal, yet the gain is potentially limitless.

The beauty of Second Life is that I get to log in every day and meet people who are experiencing it for the first time. I get to see that light bulb go on over their heads when they learn something or begin to understand how everything functions. I get to see my core group of Helpers and Educators Rock Mighty as they do what they do best and the cycle of SLife spins ever onwards.

I'm glad I was able to come back at this point in time. I'm glad that I have people ready to roll up their sleeves and make sure the New Citizens Inc is in tip top shape and Bristol Fashion and be ready to not only keep Rocking and Rolling but be able to be of service for What The Future May Bring.

Second Life is wonderful. The concept of virtual worlds, cyberspace, digital communities and the like is a wonderful one. I've always been attracted to these kinds of spaces since as far back as I can remember. What bothers is me is when I see the potential of these worlds, communities and spaces squandered or mishandled.

I've always tried to fight the good fight, to be a voice advocating for Clarity of Vision, for the dreams to become a virtual reality. While Brace 2.0 might be a bit different from the OG model, there are still sparks of the original fire and the flame that burns in my heart holds the same intensity of purpose.

Maaaan listen, this is the first prose post I've done since I've been back - I used to do a lot of these, some quite unintelligible - but I hope that despite the poetic turns of phrase, the meaning of all of this can be discovered.

It is a privilege to be able to access these digital spaces. Many take it for granted that people have desktops, laptops, phones that access the internet, internet service to begin with, access to tech and the knowledge to use that tech. I try not to forget where I am, how far I've come and what I want to see happen today and what I'd like to see happen in all the tomorrows I have left for me.

I hang on tightly to what I've created and to what I've built and to My Legacy. I will not let it be squandered or risk it sliding into irrelevancy or discord. It is my SLife and the focus of my energies, skills and talents.

Woo and the skill set is amazing and I have no qualms about wielding them in service of my Goals, Dreams and towards being around to be a part of the future of Virtual Worlds.

Big Ups and Props to Carl and his SL11B talk, Phelan Corrimal's recent personal words of encouragement and advice to me, and My Core NCI Team and their support as the inspiration behind this post.
Oh and Mozart, always Mozart.

Happy Helping!
See you at the NCI